5 Adventure-Packed Cruises That You Didn't Know Exist

Cruising tends to conjure images of lounging on the sundeck with a cocktail in hand, with nothing around you but the deep blue ocean. However, there is so much more to cruising, particularly for adventure lovers; now you can choose a cruise that combines the best of both worlds. Take your seafaring sojourn beyond the sundeck and try these exhilarating, off­ the- beaten path, packed adventure cruises.

The Great Unknown

Want to escape the crowds and explore the great unknown? Head for the Pacific Islands and emerging destinations such as Micronesia and Melanesia, where you can experience a range of incredible adventures in some of the southern hemisphere’s wildest places.

Snorkel dazzling untouched coral reefs teeming with marine life; explore the legacy of the famous Spice Islands and it’s vestiges of World War II; visit an active volcano in Vanuatu; interact with orangutans on Borneo; and come face­to­face with the infamous, prehistoric komodo dragon on the Indonesian island of Komodo. Orion Expeditions has a fantastic range of wild and wonderful cruises to off- the­ bea ten ­path destinations.

Wild and Wonderful

An untouched utopian paradise that has taken on a mythological status, the Galápagos Islands are a must for anyone who has a passion for nature and the wild. Home to an array of creatures that have evolved in isolation for centuries, a ‘living laboratory of evolution’, the archipelago of volcanic islands just off Ecuador is one of the few places left on the planet where the footprint of the human presence is kept to a minimum.

Lindblad Expeditions offers incredible cruises into this wild world with more nature lovers per guest than any other Galapagos cruise, allowing you to experience this magnificent ecosystem at its best.

Get Active

If you are an outdoors­enthusiast, sport­loving fanatic, then these cruises are for you. Action-packed with multi­activity adventures, days are spent hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and wildlife tracking, amongst other things. REI Adventures offers a fantastic 8­day Alaskan journey on the Juneau­to­Ketchikan route, which will take you to some of the country’s most breathtaking sites, from Glacier Bay National Park to the dramatic fjords of British Columbia’s Inside Passage.

The Last Frontier

Often called the ‘last frontier’ for adventure travelers, visiting Antarctica, a.k.a. ‘The White Continent’ is a once­in­a­lifetime notch in any adventurer’s belt. Colossal ice shelves tower ominously over dark indigo seas strewn with floating ice and, because of the harsh environment, the frozen, windswept landscape is home to some of nature’s most unique and hardy species on earth.

Venture to the most southern regions of the earth with Travcoa, sailing aboard a beautiful clipper through the infamously ferocious seas of the Drake Passage. You’ll follow this with days exploring nature’s marvels shoreside or cruising through serene waters by Zodiac to observe the wildlife. If you are brave enough, plunge into thermally heated springs in the Antarctic Ocean– an experience definitely worth writing home about!

Prepping for your Adventure

Bear in mind, these cruises are not your ordinary run­of­the­mill, laze-­on-­a-­deck-­allday-­and-­sip-cocktails type of cruises. They are action­packed, full of adventure and activities and more often than not, off the beaten path, in remote locations. Therefore, is it important to prepare accordingly and make sure you are in good health. And, as with any trip, we highly recommend you have comprehensive travel insurance. Now, there is nothing to do but select your perfect cruise and head to the adventurous unknown!

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