Beach Essentials: The Most Wanted Beach Towel Revealed

Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical paradise, or heading down to your local beach or relaxing by the pool, one of the most essential accessories you need to pack is a beach towel. 

From securing your spot on the beach, spending hours lounging on it while catching a tan, using it to dry yourself off, or wrapping in it when it gets a bit cool in the evening, beach towels are the ultimate beach day accessory.

Prices for such rondie vary depending on quality and design. For the fanciest one, it could come up to $79, but you can find great deals on these beach roundies starting as low as $10+ shipping.

You might not have known they existed, but once you’ve tried them, they will completely change your beach day experience.

Tillow Beach Towel

This oversized Tillow beach towel will be a perfect choice whether you are sunbathing or reading or just relaxing in the sun listening to your favourite music.

The ability to keep our iphones accessible yet protected is awesome, as is the ability to cover up valuables and hide them away from the sun.

The Tillow main has some incredible features which include the following:

  • A removable foam pillow so there is no need to waste your precious down-time trying to build a comfy sand pillow.

  • A water resistant pocket for your wallet, purse, sunglasses and any other valuable.

  • A camouflage touch screen pocket for phone or media device. The pocket makes it easy for you to use your smartphone or tablet without get getting it wet or sandy. The pocket even has a tiny hole for you to connect your headphones making it easy for you to listen to music or an audio book.

  • Simple yet cute unisex designs.

  • Super absorbent but also dries quickly.

Beach Towel Roundie

Perfect for a day on the beach with friends or family. And quite frankly this Roundie beats a regular beach towel any day.

“Not only is it perfect to lay out on, but it’s perfect to wrap up in once the sun goes down. It almost looks as if you are wearing a cute poncho when you wrap up in it,” feedback from SS, one of the happy owners.

The Beach Towel Roundie is simply  made for comfort with its stylish design and these awesome features:

  • Made from 100% pure cotton.

  • Fun tasseled edges.

  • Super absorbent.

  • Five foot in diameter, which means enough room for friends/kids and all the family.

  • Functional circle design makes adjusting to the sun incredibly. No need to move the towel anymore, just turn your body to get a perfect tan!

  • Easy to wash and to keep its shape, softness and its trendy pattern.

One of the best parts of having a round towel is its functionality. Not only can it be used as beach towel, but also a picnic blanket. Its shape also makes it easy to roll up, and compact enough to travel with.

After said everything said above, let’s face it - round beach towels are the best way to enjoy the beach and it makes a perfect gift for any beach bunny! 

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