Dive Into Adventure on Cayman Brac Island

Cayman Brac sits northeast of Grand Cayman and east of Little Cayman.  Noted for its large limestone bluff that gives it its name, you won’t be trampled by tourists nor sitting idly in a beach lounger.  This island is especially alluring for those who enjoy adventure sports.

Served by an international airport you will fly in from Grand Cayman via Cayman Airways. Upon arrival you will have your choice of a handful of resorts, hotels or bed and breakfasts.  If resorts are your choice, flip a coin between Brac Reef and Carib Sands, as they are closely rated.  If you prefer a smaller Bed & Breakfast, Walton’s Mango Manor will make you feel at home in its simpler accommodations.

Experience the inner beauty of Brac by spelunking its many caves or climbing its numerous world-class rock formations.  There are several caves available to visit and most of them are self-guided. However, some are more difficult to get to and may require equipment and/or guides.  A great freebie to try while on the island is the free, guided nature tour where you can not only get oriented with the general layout but also learn about the local wildlife, flora and fauna.  Birdwatchers will delight in the variety of species who call this Caribbean paradise home.

For an ocean adventure, dive into crystal clear depths as you explore the M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts.  A soviet-built Koni class frigate, which was originally owned by the Cuban navy, it now lies on the ocean floor 18 meters deep.  A few other dive sites of interest include Radar Reef, Cemetery Wall and the Wilderness Wall, where you can enjoy the wide variety of colored fish and coral.  If diving isn’t quite your thing, you can also tour around the island via kayak as the nearby reefs help to break up the surf and keep the waters calm enough to enjoy a nice float.

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Now, does this look like an island you would like to escape to?

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