Hola Cuba! It's Hollywood Calling

Until 2014, there hadn't been a single Hollywood movie filmed legally in Cuba since 1959, due to the United States embargo against Cuba that lasted over half a century.

Papa: Ernest Hemingway in Cuba was the first film shot in Cuba in May 2014. It took two years to overcome the excessive bureaucracy and adherence to official rules and formalities in both countries. 

The red tape was cut in January 2016, when the United States Department of the Treasury published new regulations that allow movies and TV shows to be filmed in Cuba for the first time in half a century.


Since that time, Hollywood demonstrated a rising interest for carrying out filming movies and TV series in Cuba.

Fast And Furious 8 is the biggest film shot here since 1959.

Actor Vin Diesel posted a YouTube video while on location, and here’s what he said:

"We're at a place that nobody ever thought would be possible. We are in Havana, Cuba. And you can see how beautiful it is with all these beautiful people."

Regardless of challenges producers and film directors  had to go through, they were all fascinated by the location and are looking forward to new opportunities and reasons to come back.

According to Mexican news site, Sipse, Cuba is putting down roots of competition between the island and powerful Mexico tourist destinations like Cancun, which together with the Dominican Republic used to be the most popular Caribbean places among Hollywood filmmakers. Not only because of their culture and scenery but because in some cases they “had” to stand-in for Cuba.

As highlighted by ‘Parallels’, the NPR’s International News Blog,

“Over the years, James Bond's adventures in Cuba were shot in Puerto Rico and Spain.The Godfather, Part II was filmed in the Dominican Republic. So was director Sydney Pollack's 1990 film Havana, starring Robert Redford.”

This will go down to Cuba’s history, in U.S. history, in history of cinematography and in history itself.


CUBA! Second American Movie shot in Cuba. Transformers. Amazing place!#transformers

A photo posted by Michael Bay (@michaelbay) on May 25, 2016 at 10:39am PDT


Just after "Papa" and "Fast And Furious 8", The Hollywood News  recently reported that the fifth movie in the Transformers: The Last Knight, has started shooting over in Cuba.

Just think, where we all would be today had we started this 50 years ago instead of pursuing a senseless “el bloqueo”.

Pristine beaches, not overrun by tourists... Gorgeous shore-lines to fall in love again... Once forbidden, it now becomes one of the most popular places among Americans.

Click here to see it. Pictures speak louder than words.

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