Little Dominica...A Mountainous Island of Fun

Formed by the upheaval of an active volcano, where the world’s second­largest hot springsizzles, is a lush tropical rainforest island named Dominica. When you arrive, you will be greeted with the French Creole speaking elders and their descendants, who make their living from the natural wonders on display in every direction.

When asked to describe the island, at a loss for words, Columbus crumpled a piece of parchment and threw it on the table. Full of mountains and valleys, there are many rare species of plants and animals who live there. Perfect for a long weekend, you will be tantalized by tastes, sounds and beautiful vistas.

Arrivals occur at the small airport in the capital city of Roseau. For an upscale lodging experience that will give you top­notch service and quality, try Sisserou Villa & Lodge. If backpacking and eco­lodging is your preference, you can find a warm, friendly stay at Papillote Wilderness Retreat.

If you opt for the wilderness retreat, be sure to take advantage of their spa services and mineral pools filled with geothermally heated water. You can plan your weekend of adventure by opting for a full day of waterfall hikes and scenery in the mountains.

Popular tours include “Middleham Falls & Ti Tou Gorge,” “Boiling Lake” and “Trafalgar Falls.” If the shoreline is your thing, you can spend the day relaxing on the beach or taking advantage of the various ocean activities, including scuba diving in the reefs and corals, snorkeling or swimming with whales and dolphins.

Contact ALDive W.A.T.E.R. Sports for tour information and current prices. If you plan your trip for the end of October through the first of November, you can sway to the beats and sounds of the World Creole Music Festival.    

If the urban scene is more to your taste, you can wander the city enjoying the sights and sounds of this former French and British colony.

Savor the tastes of the many tropical fruits in the market, where you will see fresh mangoes, guavas and papaya. And enjoy the smell of fresh patchouli or awaken your senses with locally grown coffee.

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