Saint Kitts

Also known as Saint Christopher Island, Saint Kitts lies in the eastern Caribbean 1300 miles southeast of Miami, Florida and together with the neighboring island, Nevis, is known as the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is most famous for its legacy of cricket, natural beauty and pristine beaches.

St Kitts Island

Cruise Port: Yes. Some of the cruise lines that dock at Basseterre, its capital, are Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Princess, Windstar, Celebrity and Disney Cruise Line.

Nearest Airport: Robert L. Bradshaw International Airportis the main international airport located northeast of Basseterre.

Prime Attractions

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park: This UNESCO World Heritage Site houses barracks and military fortifications built by slaves during the British occupation of Saint Kitts. It offers panoramic views over the island and the sea.
  • Mount Liamuiga : Visit Saint Kitts’ highest point, at 1155m and be rewarded with breathtaking views of the neighboring islands.
  • M/V Christena: Unlike the deliberate shipwrecks in this region, this one was the result of a tragic accident, and is considered by the locals to be a memorial site.

Scenic Places

  • Romney Manor: Once home to Thomas Jefferson's grandfather, this stately building is perfect for a long walk and to explore the island’s famous batik clothing at Caribelle Batik.
  • Petroglyphs: These eye-catching rock carvings are located at the entrance to the Wingfield Manor Estate-ruins of a sugar mill and rum distillery. They were made before the advent of the European colonizers and depict the lives of the island’s original inhabitants.
  • St. Kitts Scenic Railway: A 3-hour scenic tour of the Atlantic coast, with a special focus on the island's once important sugar factories.
  • Warner Park Stadium: This sporting facility was one of the venues of the 2007 Cricket World Cup.
  • Clay Villa Plantation House and Gardens: Built in 1763, this was the sole free-working plantation with native owners. Currently home to a museum, lush gardens and a family home.

Natural Wonders

  • Black Rocks: Home to cliffs formed by erupting volcanoes, Black Rocks is an ideal spot for photography.
  • South Friar's Bay: A popular beach for windsurfing, swimming and water-skiing.
  • Rainforest: The island is home to an expanding rainforest that offers many trails for hikers, a wide range of native and exotic flora and fauna.

History and Culture

  • Bloody Point: In 1626 the British and French troops massacred over 2000 locals at this spot.
  • St. Kitts National Museum: Former home to many ministries and government offices, this historical building was once the gateway to Basseterre, and is currently home to an overview of the island’s rich history and culture.
  • Fairview Great House and Gardens: A French colonial mansion built in 1701 that is set in lush green surroundings. Visitors can see glimpses of the island's colonial past in its decor.

Cuisine (Dining Choices)

  • Spice Mill Restaurant (Caribbean,  International): Customers can expect classy ambience, an elegant combination of local and international flavors, and mouthwatering seafood.
  • Marshall's (Caribbean, Fine Dining): Offers a romantic atmosphere, stunning ocean views and delectable seafood cooked to perfection.
  • Sprat Net Bar and Grill (Caribbean): A family-owned business, famous for catching its own fish; here customers can choose their own fish from the daily catch. A must-visit for lovers of lobsters and grilled seafood.

Travel Notes

Who is it for:

  • Nature Enthusiasts: The island's waters are home to stingrays, eagle rays, dolphins, tropical fish, reef sharks, hawksbill and leatherback turtles, while the rainforest is home to various exotic species of birds and the green vervet monkey.
  • Adventure Seekers: The island offers plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkeling, water and jet-skiing, zip lining, scuba diving, being home to a rich marine life and numerous shipwrecks.
  • Romantic Getaway: Couples can get married with minimum fuss, while honeymooners can enjoy their privacy.

Best Time to Visit Jamaica: December - April

Cheapest Time to Visit Jamaica: April - December

Health and Safety Information

  • Vaccinate yourself against hepatitis A and tetanus before visiting.
  • Take care of your valuables and travel documents: do not leave them unattended. Avoid unlit or deserted areas at night in and around Basseterre.
  • It is recommended to take a cab instead of renting a car for sightseeing or short excursions. Cab drivers are friendly and reliable, and only accept cash payments.

Quick Facts

  • LanguageEnglish is the official language, while locals speak Saint Kitts Creole - a dialect of English.
  • CurrencyEastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) (1 Eastern Caribbean Dollar = 0.37 USD)
  • Electricity and outlets230 Volts/60Hz, so US-made appliances will need adapters, although most hotels offer outlets suited for North American outlets.
  • Passport and Immigration:Travelers from Canada and the US do not need a Visa, but all visitors must be in possession of a valid passport and a return or onward ticket.
  • Drinking Water: Tap water is potable, but if you visit during hurricane weather, it is recommended to check with your hotel since the water may be unsafe for drinking.
  • Time zone: UTC-4 hours – Atlantic Standard Time (AST), same as New York in the summer and one hour ahead of New York in the winter.

Interesting Facts:

  • Saint Kitts has both white beaches and black volcanic beaches!
  • Once famous for its sugar plantations, the country's income is now solely dependent on tourism.
  • The island of Saint Kitts was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

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