Six Amazing Things to Do in Roatan

Besides the amazing beaches, tropical weather and luxurious resorts, Roatán has some amazing and quite unique things you might want to add to your vacation plan.

Roatán is  the largest island of the Honduras' Bay Islands - is an animal lover's dream destination.With plenty of wildlife to see on land, as well as under the warm Caribbean waters, the island boast amazing activities that give you unique access to an abundance of animals. Here are some of the awesome activities you can do that will make you fall in love with this island, and the animals that live on and around it.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding by the beach Roatan

If you love horses then be sure to take a private tour around the island of Roatán on horseback. These incredible tours offered by various companies give visitors great insight into the island’s culture and people. You’ll explore the villages, sights around the town, and stunning beaches on these unique tours.


Horseback riding by the beach Roatan

With an abundance of healthy coral reefs, crystal clear water, and a variety of places to snorkel, Roatán gives visitors an opportunity to experience the island's underwater sea life. With coral reefs accessible from a boat or from the shore, you can easily spend an entire day looking at a variety tropical fish, starfish, small sharks, stingray, and eels. Most tourists flock to The West End Beach where you can see the coral reef from the shore, but if you’re look for something less crowded head to Pigeon Cay, Valley of the King, Half Moon Bay or Jade Beach.

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Roatán Butterfly Garden

Horseback riding by the beach Roatan

For a great family day out head to Roatán Butterfly Garden. As the name suggests there are plenty of beautiful butterflies that visitors can interact with. There are also tropical birds, playful monkeys, cats, and boa constrictors that will keep your entire family entertained during your visit. It is the perfect place for families traveling with toddlers and seniors.


Horseback riding by the beach Roatan

Roatán is a scuba diver's paradise that has some of the best diving in the Caribbean. From whale sharks and stingrays, to hammerhead shark and dolphins, divers have access to some of the ocean’s most beautiful sea creatures in abundance. With dive spots for every level of experience, you’ll find amazing wrecks, shallow dives, walls, caves and swim-throughs. For some of the best diving head to Spooky Channel, Dolphin Den, Pat’s Place, Shark Dive, Mary’s Place, and The Sponges.

Arch's Iguana Farm

Horseback riding by the beach Roatan

With thousands of free roaming iguanas to see, feed and touch, visitors to Arch's Iguana Farm are in for a treat. The area isn’t very big, but the experience is definitely a once in a lifetime one. As you arrive staff give you pieces of lettuces to feed the iguanas with, and almost instantly these scary looking vegetarians flock towards you knowing you have food for them. There are also a few monkeys and large tarpon fish for visitors to also view.

Bird Watching

Horseback riding by the beach Roatan

With plenty of unique habitats on the island, Roatán has some incredible birds which is perfect for tourist who love bird watching. From Resplendent Quetzal, and Harpy Eagles, to Golden Cheeked Warbler, and Jabiru, there are over 400 species to spot while on the island. If you’re lucky you’ll even catch a glimpse of the rare Honduran Emerald. Various tour companies offer excursions to the best spots to go bird watching including Paya Bay.

If you are planning a vacation in Roatan - let me know if the comment below - what are the "must-do" things for You! :)

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