Stingray City: The Best Place To Visit on the Cayman Islands

Whether you’re on honeymoon, family vacation or just getting away from the city, Cayman Islands is the ideal vacation destination for any occasion. From scuba diving to visiting Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, there is plenty to do on the islands, but nothing beats visiting Stingray City.

The “city” offers tourists a unique opportunity to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive with these gentle creatures that weighing in at around 150 lbs, and growing up to five feet in width. From how to get there to when the best time to visit is, we breakdown everything you need to know about Stingray City.

Stingray City Underwater Life

What To Expect

With crystal clear water, loads of sunshine, and an opportunity to check another thing off your bucket list, Stingray City is one of the only places in the world where tourist can safely interact with these amazing animals. From wading in the shallow water touching, feeding, and even kissing these tame creatures, and snorkelling among them, to taking to deeper water and scuba diving with them, there are plenty of ways to experience once in a lifetime opportunity.

Stingray City Underwater Life


Located just northwest of Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, is a series of shallow sandbars which is home to a large number of stingrays. Once an area where fisherman gutted and cleaned their fish and squid in the shallow waters which attracted these stingray, is today a bucket list item for many people who visit the islands.

How To Get There

Stingray City is only accessible by a one hour boat ride. With Stingray City being such a huge tourist attraction plenty of companies offer tours to and from the sandbars. Most tours offer two or three stops at various sandbars, turtle sanctuaries and snorkel spots along the way.

How Much Does It Cost

Prices range from US$40 for a two stop trip that last for three and a half hours, to a US$700 for a private charter which both includes a meal and transport. Like any other popular tourist attractions, there are various tour companies that offer excellent deals, private tours, and a variety of places to get into the water with these majestic animals. Before stepping onto a boat and paying for your experience, don’t forget to do some research, get the best price, and not be scammed.

Perfect for a honeymoon activity, a day out with your wedding party, or a family bonding experience, visiting this incredible part of the British Virgin Islands is truly something unique, and an activity that no one will forget quickly.

 Stingray City Underwater Life

Photo Credit: Fevi Yu/Wikimedia Commons

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