Top Rated Scuba Diving Spots in St.Thomas

With a seascape of unspoiled, bright coral reef, and incredible sea life, St Thomas in US Virgin Islands is any scuba divers’ paradise. Take the plunge into the warm, tropical 78°F to 83°F waters of St Thomas, and explore caves, coves, shipwrecks and pinnacles.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced diver, the island boasts plenty of dive spots to suit ever level of dive expertise. Here are the best five dive spots surrounding this amazing island.


Cow and Calf

Accessible from both St Thomas and St John, these two outcroppings dive sites is an underwater dream with arches, canyons and swim-throughs. Given its name by drunken sailors who mistook the rocks for a cow and calf, today the 45 feet dive is perfect for beginners. The fairly calm waters, and an abundance of fish, lobsters and reef sharks to see, makes this dive spot very popular amongst tourist for both snorkeling and diving. Calf Rock is smaller, but has a bigger variety of sea animals, while Cow Rock is bigger and has a maze of swim-throughs.

Butler Bay Wrecks

There is no better place to do a wreck dive than at Butler Bay Wrecks. Located on the northwest tip of St. Croix, this dive site is made up of five wrecks - moving at a fast pace all be accessed in one dive. The dive spot consists of two deep dives - a 177 foot long, steel hulled Venezuelan freighter called The Rosaomaira and  a 177 steel-hulled freighter called Rosa Marie - and three shallow dives  (a trawler, tug boat, and oil barge). With the maximum depth of 200 feet, this wreck dive is the perfect spot for intermediate divers.

Salt River Canyon

With two underwater walls that face each other with a quarter mile of blue water in-between, Salt River Canyon is best if you want to experience wall diving. The walls have interesting swim-throughs and pinnacles, and is home to reef fish, deep-water sea fans, hammerhead sharks and black-tips sharks. Located on the north shore of St. Croix, this dive spot should only be attempted by intermediate and advanced divers.

Tunnels of Thatch

When the conditions are flat and calm, and there is no surge, it is best to head to Tunnels of Thatch. On the north side of Thatch Cay, this dive spot is filled with tiny fish, amazing canyons, and caverns. Even though this dive is only 40 feet, the deeper you get, the better the landscapes become with a sloping, boulder-strewn hillside. Tunnels of Thatch is perfect for intermediate divers.

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